The students of 2019 have presented their projects!

On Tuesday the 18th June, the 22 student groups of Visualising Mental Health 2019 presented their designs.

Myself, three other psychologists, and the topic lecturers were in attendance.

Wisely, Doreen (the topic coordinator) split the presentations into two parallel rooms. Psychologists Sarah and Richard attended the presentations on empathy and courtesy. Myself and Rachel attended the presentations on Mental Fitness and Emotions.

It was a strong showing in the room I was in. Students presented a range of design formats. We had mobile apps, magazines, therapy toys, mobile games, campaigns, diaries and a themed Instagram account.

The projects addressed a range of audiences: university students, the elderly, children, children in therapy, tweens and new mothers.

I hear that the projects in the other room were also of a very high quality. As Richard put it – ‘I really enjoyed yesterday. The ideas were phenomenal.’

We should be able to start posting some of the projects on the website over the next couple of months. I think you’ll really like what you see.

Now the focus is on preparing for the Exhibition in October. I can’t give away too much in terms of the plans, but we are looking at an expanded format for the exhibition this year, including the chance for attendees to get a much better behind the scenes perspective on the project and how it comes together.

I’m also confident that in this year’s exhibition we will have more projects that people can get hands-on with – diaries, games, magazines. This always enhances an exhibition of this sort, where people can touch and interact with the projects students have developed.

I want to thank a number of people.

Firstly to the students, who have created some great designs and were very professional in the way they presented those designs. They took the process of ‘presenting to a client’ seriously which bodes well for their future careers.

To the topic lecturers, Doreen, Melinda, Chris and Lynda who have really helped this year’s cohort develop some unique designs. They are also a pleasure to work with, and my understanding of design and communication has improved being in their presence.

To the psychologists Richard, Sarah and Rachel for sharing their expertise in helping the students wrap their heads around the underlying psychological constructs. They’ve taken time out of their lives to help with this project and it is warmly appreciated.

Finally to the team at Match Studio for their ongoing support of this initiative and their drive/motivation in expanding it each year. It wouldn’t be possible without their backing.

Even though the projects for 2019 have been presented, you’ll definitely hear from me again before October. We have a couple of projects from last year which have been developed into prototypes (one of which I have been able to play a bigger role) which I will be featuring here on the blog. Stay tuned.