One of the student projects from a previous year is being developed

One of the goals of the Visualising Mental Health initiative is to develop some student projects further to the point where they can actually be sold, trialled, or tested in research.

On Friday I got to attend a meeting with a couple of past students and Match Studio peeps, Jane and Melinda, to work on a student project from 2017.

I don’t want to give away too many details but the students had created a card game that draws on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for its gameplay.

I got to play the game, with its newly revised rules, make suggestions for how to link the game more precisely to CBT and make some naive recommendations re design.

The game was genuinely fun to play and I can see it being used as both a clinical tool (for clinicians seeing clients) but also as a game all on its own.

We all left the meeting with some jobs. Mine are to ensure that the game components cover a suitable range of psychological conditions. The students were refining the logo.

This is the first project from this initiative that is being developed further, but there are others waiting to go. I look forward to promoting them on this blog very soon.

I can’t really describe how exciting this is for me. The vision this group has created of an ethical pipeline of products with a social conscience looks to be working. I am totally stoked.

Yep that is me with the crazy amount of hair, along with the two past-students and project coordinator Melinda.

This is us actually playing the game with prototype materials