A Mind of It’s Own

Getting University Students To Ask For Help

The aim of this project was to promote help seeking among university students and international students. By having it in a form of a video which would play before a lecture allows for all students to be exposed to the fact that being emotionally out of control is okay and that there is support which the university provides as well as other organizations. By doing this it could possibly help in decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Each week different videos would be playing on screen as students await for the lecture to officially begin. To be inclusive of students with different backgrounds most videos would be translated in their native language. Which would help in making them feel welcome and understood, as well as conveying the information in a manner which those with language barriers can understand.

Frame 1:
The audience is asked “Are you having trouble breathing?” suggesting are you freaking out, followed by a series of inhales and exhales.

Frame 3:
A voice is heard continuing to stress about their assignment.


Frame 5:
Both voices are heard, after a while only one is heard and then the audience is asked “Even over thinking?”

Frame 7:
Multiple voices are heard shouting “Stop” cutting off the previous voice.

Frame 2:
“Are you feeling stressed?” is asked while a person in the background is stressing about their assignment.

Frame 4:
The voice from the previous frame continues stressing while being joined by another voice also stressing out.

Frame 6:
A single voice is heard one which is frustrated with the current situation. The audience is then addressed with “Getting frustrated?”.

Frame 8:
The audience is then meet by a voice that suggests speaking out when overwhelmed by emotions.


Guo Jiang (Ariel)
Suada Shahini
Hailey (Ka Hei)Wong
Faria Ehsan


Interested in taking this project further? Contact Dr Gareth Furber at gareth.furber@gmail.com.