Work occupies a substantial portion of people’s lives and upholds great influence on someone’s mental health. Improving work environments is fundamental in improving quality of life.

Blend is a tool designed to prevent racism in the workplace consisting of several components that have been specifically designed to improve personal relationships and create a better work environment between colleagues of different ethnicities. This is achieved through implementation of a range of courteous activities and education on multiple cultural events.

The calendar is supported with a coffee break scheme which includes a reflections box that encourages engaging in conversation about different cultural backgrounds in a courteous and polite manner.

This tool is targeted to a corporate workplace, however Blend has been designed to be applicable to a variety of workplaces.

Ultimately, by improving these relationships and generating an enhanced multiculturalism environment, co-workers are able to break social barriers. Thus, reducing prejudice and stereotypes leading to more productivity and a greater well-being.


Matilda Bristow
Jamie Jaensch
Shantelle Ferber



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