Character ties

Character Ties builds resilience in children through the creation of a bracelet to remind them of what makes them unique, combatting challenges of self doubt.

Character Ties is a hands-on classroom activity for primary school children to construct individual bracelets with guided instruction. The activity encourages children to showcase and highlight their personal strengths through beads that correlate with a friendly character design, building the confidence to proudly display their differences through their hand-made creation.

Research has shown that young children require more strategies to positively reflect and express their unique qualities. Many primary school aged children require encouragement to embrace what sets them apart from each other in the educational environment.

Character Ties will achieve this by engaging them in entertaining tasks that involve them in reflecting on their character, aiming to eliminate the unwelcome state of feeling ‘different’. The activity can be returned to at any stage to add to or alter their bracelet as they wish, using the provided loom and following the simple instructions. A corresponding classroom poster will encourage children to positively strengthen their traits throughout primary school with tips from each character. Character Ties will foster resilience in children through building strong and secure identities to combat experiences of self-doubt, with each bracelet acting as a visual reminder of their own unique and growing traits.

Designed By

  • Alicia Ey
  • Jayde Vandborg
  • Lauren Mowbray


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