Frankie is a choose your own adventure picture book that helps young children develop a more sophisticated and nuanced understanding of emotions.

The story follows Frankie the koala on his journey from the outback to far away lands. The reader takes on the decisions of Frankie, dictating where he goes and how he and other characters are feeling. These decisions influence the trajectory of the story, and the reader will finish the book at one of four possible endings.

This format allows children to develop an understanding of what emotion looks like, the effect it has, and where it leads. Most importantly, it teaches children the value of resilience – that even when you might experience a negative emotion, the adventure still continues.

Frankie is suitable for ages 6-9 and is ideally shared with a parent or guardian. The learning is embedded within the narrative, so children enjoy Frankie’s adventure whilst absorbing knowledge and acquiring new emotional management skills.










Maria Dizazzo
Emily Renner
Grace Beer


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