Growing Together

Growing Together is a resource book to help combat the altered family state of a new kinship care arrangement. Often new care placements can be mentally and emotional stressful for all parties involved.

Kinship carers are family members who unlike foster carers, haven’t been trained for this situation and are often not prepared for the experience. There is currently no other resource like this available for kinship carers.

Included in the book are ideas to get to know each other, questions to start important conversations, activities to do together and a comprehensive resource section to help guide and educate the kinship carer to adjust to a new parenting role. It also has space for photos, mementos and recording personal experiences.

By presenting this to the carer and child at the start of the placement, it can assist with creating a new bond by letting them experience, share and reflect things together. They can then look back on their journey to see how far they have come together as a family.

The ultimate goal is to build a stronger happier family and increase their shared resilience against new challenges that will arise while adjusting to this new dynamic

Designed By

  • Amy Verduyn
  • Olivia Wilkinson
  • Josie Wellman


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