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The VR video is designed to immerse the viewer into the scene that is presented. What we aimed to create was a scene that an emergency responder would experience often in the field. It has also been created to give potential officers an idea of how they may feel after seeing a confronting scene at work. Understanding how you react and the emotions that you feel will assist in finding an outlet that helps a person to cope.

We have designed the VR video to paired with our app to create a tool that helps emergency services cope with day to day stress of the job. The VR video would be show at induction or whenever they are being introduced into the field. It would then be accessible through the app at any time.

The app is designed to assist and give people in the emergency service sector accessible tools to help with behaviour change. It is meant to help them recognise that the traumatic events at work can affect a person’s mental health and it is ok to not be ok. It also keeps them accountable and remind them to talk or write down their feelings. This can help also by not bottling in their emotions.

The entire system of the VR video and the app is designed to support emergency services throughout their years of service, not only at one point in their career. We decided this was most beneficial as over time people change and this system is a reminder to always look after their mental health and prioritize wellbeing.

VR Experience



Jessica Walker
Caity Ralston
Lauren Stevens
Pip Wright


Interested in taking this project further? Contact Dr Gareth Furber at gareth.furber@gmail.com.