Help Us Help You

We have noticed that over the course of history, and specifically the past several years – we as a society have become less polite.

Common courtesy is based on the realisation that there are people around us who also share the same environment, and where more appropriate to actualise this idea than the setting of a shopping centre.

Help Us Help You is the campaign we have created for the purpose of bringing courtesy back into society. Adelaide shopping centres are at their most chaotic when there is a holiday involved. Easter, Christmas and Boxing Day are the events we have identified as being most vulnerable to the likes of rude employees and ill-mannered customers. The unwavering impatience of hundreds of customers buying presents is usually matched by the angry reception of disrespectful employees.

We aim to fix this with our poster campaign. Each poster, including a poster dedicated to an everyday setting, presents what a negative situation between worker and shopper looks like, and also a resolved, positive situation showing how simple it is to co-exist.

Everyone has experienced rude customers and employees. Maybe we are some of them, and this means we all have room for improvement and that we can rebuild our courteous behaviour – we will, and we have to.


Jayde Carnegie
Francesca Germanis
Jack Langham
Silvio Francisco


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