“I’m Alex” Story Book

“I’m Alex” is a story book directed towards children aged 6-12 which aims to educate children about other autistic children. Research has shown that 63% of children with autism are bullied inside school facilities. The book’s objective is to bring an understanding and acceptance for Autistic children and how the disorder may express itself within them. This is beneficial as it prevents ignorance and encourages children to react in a kinder and more aware way.

The book visuals are simplistic in nature and are formed from basic shapes. This has the effect of appealing to a younger audience as it does not overwhelm children’s senses and avoids misinterpretation. Textures were also used to increase visual interest in the illustrations. The typography used is specifically designed to assist children’s reading so that they are engaged and get the most out of the book’s content. “I’m Alex” takes the readers through some of the ups and downs of everyday life for children who have autism. The book conveys a message to the readers that everyone has different experiences in life and that we must be aware of how others may be effected.




Chloe Coates
Nicholas Timms
Gemma Pamela
Michelle Donnelly
Daniel Anthony


Interested in taking this project further? Contact Dr Gareth Furber at gareth.furber@gmail.com.