Jungle Discovery

Jungle Discovery

Emma Jew | Nicolle Bradley | Renee Vassallo

Jungle Discovery is an interactive card game aimed at students in grades two and three to combat social isolation at primary school.

The game engages students through the use of social, conversational and interpersonal prompts allowing them to positively interact with one another. Its visually appealing six characters; Lucy Llama, Samuel Sloth, Manny Monkey, Gina Giraffe, Felix Fox and Ellie Elephant help students complete a range of activities from drawing to acting and learning.

Two pliable foam rubber dice are rolled to start the game and determine student groupings and the card category. The different cards enable students to complete a variety of tasks, assisting them to build on perspective-taking, self-control and teamwork along with learning about others, sharing ideas and practicing conversational skills.

Jungle discovery is a fun way for students to work together helping to build the foundations of friendships, whilst providing children with an inclusive environment far from social isolation.


Interested in taking this project further? Contact Dr Gareth Furber at gareth.furber@gmail.com.