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It’s okay not to know why you’re feeling a certain way. If your emotions are taking a hold of you and you’re not quite sure how to express yourself, LXC is here to help. The app is primarily designed for the occurrence of Alexithymia, a trait which restricts people from understanding what emotions they are feeling and the inability to explain why they feel a certain way. LXC allows users to comfortably and easily, understand their emotions.

LXC allows you to express your feelings in small or large doses depending on your mood. The options to scroll and select specific feelings or write and describe how you feel that day will identify the best outcome to help individuals overcome unfavored emotions. The app suggests small improvements to the user, for example daily meditation techniques and healthy activities to help clear your mind. With a colourful character for company the user is presented with a positive and subtle setting when progressing through their emotions.

LXC is available to anyone, with a recommendation for individuals to use in between psychologist visits. You can use the app to document, in detail, how you felt at a particular time – it’s company when you need it the most. A way to understand your emotions, and communicate them clearly via a safe and comfortable platform.

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