My Habit Pal

My Habit Pal

Emma Bailey | Breanna Van Balen

My Habit Pal is an app created to assist individuals with their mental health – specifically mental fitness. The app is inspired by James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits.

What makes My Habit Pal unique from other productivity apps is that it is also a platform where you can meet others online and find a community. Users can “match” and meet other people on the app – creating accountability partners.

My Habit Pal also includes a 5 week series where the users can listen to short audio recordings containing lessons on how to effectively put those ideas into practice in real life. The series covers the Four Laws of Behaviour Change – a simple set of rules one can use to build better habits.

Users receive notifications to remind them to complete their daily tasks, and are able to see when their Habit Pals have also completed their tasks. The goal of My Habit Pal is for people to learn how to take back power in their daily habits. We hope from using this app that people can take small steps to make a big difference in their life.

Learn the fundamentals of creating positive habits with the 5 week audio series

Create new habits and make habit pals to keep you accountable



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