No Shit!

No Shit! won the third place spot in the SA Mental Health Commission prizes for 2019. It will be developed further using crowd-funding.

Courtesy, for us, is defined as a voluntary and well-intended act of politeness, either in our everyday behavior or as a singular gesture of good-will. More specifically, we focused on our shared frustration at the lack of social etiquette and acts of courtesy that we experience on an everyday basis. In particular, we discussed the complexities of courtesy on social media platforms and how difficult it can be to navigate the balance between the online and offline worlds.

Based on this, we built on the idea of giving those around you the ‘courtesy of time’. This involves putting down your phone and starting a conversation around the importance of being a polite and courteous member of society. In doing so, everyone benefits from either giving or receiving good will, and having a face-to-face interaction. Acts of courtesy have a reciprocal effect upon both the giver and receiver, leaving both parties feeling positive and satisfied with the interaction.

Our design solution is a card game named ‘No Shit!’ It is based on the notion of ‘recharging your relationships’, whereby players will achieve impress and confess cards by engaging in a discussion around courteous behaviour or an act of good-will respectively.


Michaela DiFabio
Chelsea Gilbert
Jaime Sowton
Ruby Byrne


Interested in taking this project further? Contact Dr Gareth Furber at