Overcome it

Overcome It is a multi-pack card game that creates an ice breaking opportunity for teens in High Schools to create new relationships as well as interpersonal, communication and social skills in order to build resilience and in turn overcome social anxiety. The game is intended to be played in classrooms with students who do not usually talk or who have not met before.

The game consists of 4 different categories: Voice it, Solve it, Draw it and Act it. The use of copy writing creates the voice of the brand, it connects all elements together playfully. The purpose of these categories is to spark conversation, prompt teamwork to problem solve, understand emotions in oneself and others and get to know other player’s hobbies and interests.

The box and cards have been designed to encourage players to sit in a circle so they can see everyone and feel included. The cards are interactive especially the Act it and Draw it categories as the player is doing a variety of tasks not all conversation based. Some questions are light hearted and humorous which, along with the youthful graphics and colour palette appeal to the target audience. The intent was to present a light hearted and fun take on a serious issue. The box is a complete pack as the cards, whiteboard, marker with eraser, spinner and booklets sit within it. The spinner and marker are magnetised to the lid and the rest sits inside the box. As this game is intended to be played over again multiple times the name tags are laminated so the names can be erased. On the back of the box there is a QR code that leads to an Online version of the booklet and downloadable extra hard copies.

To accompany the game, students have a take-home journal called Reflect it. It prompts students to reflect on their experience playing the game and as well as their personal life. It also provides relaxation techniques such as colouring and drawing activities, information about mental health with a focus on social anxiety and further Online resources via QR codes.

Designed By

  • Amelia Stavrakis
  • Emily Vaughan
  • Lili Higham
  • Mackenzie Dinan


Interested in taking this project further? Contact Dr Gareth Furber at gareth.furber@gmail.com.