Scrambled is a card game that encourages creativity and storytelling by exploring different perspectives and scenarios. It helps overcome creative block, build confidence in public speaking, and teach empathy. The game is accessible to a variety of people aged 8 and up, with sets of cards that increase in complexity.

Choose a Character, Place and Emotion card from each deck and have fun creating a story. Stories can be expressed in a variety of styles, including writing, spoken word, singing, drawing, acting, and roleplay. The versatility of the gameplay means it can be played in groups, individually, in classrooms, at home, and in clinical settings.

Ten sets of cards were designed for the Place, Character and Emotion categories. This includes some expansion packs so the game can be played well into emotional and literal maturity. Each pack contains 50 cards and there is potential for more expansions to be developed based on pop-culture.

Scrambled creates a safe space to explore different perspectives and situations. It can support individual learners to reflect on their understanding of emotions and group activities allow players to recognise and respect other interpretations and opinions.

Scrambled is a game with many possibilities, limited only by your imagination!


David Adams
Chloe Katopodis
Sarah Nyguyen
Kyiandra Thanou


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