Social Graces

Courtesy is a relatively simple concept that most of us can grasp from a young age. So why do we disregard this innate concept the second we enter the digital realm?

Social Graces is a public Instagram page that uses its platform to inspire online users to better understand and apply courteous behaviour while interacting on social media. This page is a place for education, inspiration, conversation, and perspective. A new topic is discussed each week and users have the opportunity to express their personal opinion on the matter (either publicly or privately). Users are able to interact with the page by answering questions and polls, competing in quizzes, commenting on posts, and privately sending direct messages with suggestions for future topics or asking for further advice.

The team at Social Graces are able to analyse the data they receive from these interactive activities to better understand their audience and what content would be the most relevant and helpful. Social Graces is not just another static Instagram page with outdated and irrelevant information; it is a data driven service that encourages open discussions surrounding everyday situations.


Chloe Morgan
Zak Garrick
Bree Ah Chee





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