Sunny Meets Her Family

Children in foster care experience many changes which impact their emotional, social and educational wellbeing. Sunny Meets Her Family is the first installment in a series of interactive picture books that explore topics surrounding children in foster care. These picture books work in collaboration with social workers specialising in foster care and are given to new foster care parents.

A key factor of successful placement and stability in a foster home is effective communication between foster parent and child. The book includes a support guide for new parents to help build communication skills with the child. The picture book explores themes that a child in foster care may experience such as struggling with a sense of belonging. The story follows Sunny a young kangaroo and her journey in meeting her family. Sunny’s ability to build resilience and confront adversity, ultimately leads her to a happy home.

Sunny Meets Her Family is an interactive picture book that helps a foster child gain understanding of their situation in a safe environment with their parent where open communication is maintained with a support guide.

Designed By

  • Keely Mackinnon
  • Keith Pennington
  • Shannon Tracey
  • Raissa Bacon


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