The Boarderline

The Boarderline is an independent journalling and resilience building tool with which first time boarding students can customise as their own. It takes shape as a progress journal and situational flash cards which can be completed before and during the boarding experience.

The Boarderline offers support and comfort through the navigation of mood tracking financial planning and weekly reflection with which students can self-curate their boarding experience. The Boarderline is primarily created for the student, however parents and caregivers can also participate in the program through the situational flash cards and monthly letters.

The flash cards propose situations which the students may encounter whilst boarding and offer three coping solutions as well as an opportunity to discuss with your parent or caregiver to write three of your own. The opportunity is granted for loved ones to write a letter which will travel with the student to school and are to be opened at monthly intervals.

The student would be able to register online with The Boarderline and the tools would be delivered to their home before they come to school. This allows time for the student to become familiar with the process of the journal as well as time to sit down with the caregivers and discuss the situational cards.

The Boarderline aims to establish students’ independence, develop confidence, and build resilience through reflection, personal growth and self-curated experiences.

Designed By

  • Anna Foley
  • Bella Weigold
  • Maddy Barton
  • Monique Poritz


Interested in taking this project further? Contact Dr Gareth Furber at