The Sleep Cycle

Implementing a behaviour change in another person’s life is not an easy feat. The Sleep Cycle provides an opportunity for Australian youth between 18 to 22 to create a ritual within their own lives; through providing resources to prompt self-belief, associations, regulation and planning for those suffering with night terrors. The colour palette selected works to instill serenity and aid decision making. Encouraging users to be relieved of stress. Instilling the old fashioned stylistic type and penny farthing logo icon to transport users on a journey of learning to value sleep.

The Sleep Cycle ultimately aims to improve sleep quality and quantity through encouraging users to value sleep via the application of a personalised ritual. The pack includes a sleep mask, Spotify playlist, essential oils, herbal teas, wellbeing cards, pencil and a zine. These items encourage production of melatonin, lowering blood pressure, reducing cortisol and have a mild sedative effect which impacts the quality and quantity of sleep.

The products are promoted through social media platforms, website and poster campaigns positioned in psychologists’ waiting rooms, youth counsellors and university departments to ensure they reach the specified target audience.

Let us take you on a journey.


Mitch Capurso
Julian Hartmann-Smith
Rachael Sharman
Lucas Shaw


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