Think Like Me

The ‘Theory of Mind’ brief called for the development of a tool, artefact or communication approach that would assist individuals in developing their own theory of mind skills which they can then apply to everyday life and their interactions.

Think Like Me is a nationwide campaign that aims to help people gain perspective of those who are affected by mental health issues. We bring interactive experiences to public places as well as educational institutions whilst keeping it a safe space for people to learn.

The installation encourages the public to step into a pair of shoes, pop on some headphones and view a screen in front of them. Six audio simulations can be accessed, each one capturing the way a person with a particular mental health disorder might be feeling or thinking. In this, Think Like Me encourages others to understand a little more about the lives of those struggling with their own mental health, in the hope that this will further open up discussion to the nation.




Dallas Nery
Sascha Tan
Leilani Maldari
Olivia Huynh


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