Unblock: encouraging emotional expression

Unblock provides a flexible and adaptable framework for an interactive and engaging experience, that can change throughout its implementation.

It encourages emotional expression through thinking, articulating and acting in ways that brings emotion and emotional well-being to mind, and will influence how users think, articulate and act regarding their emotions in the future.

The physical campaign pulls input from the local community, keeping the content relevant and relatable. This input can be used to create meaningful and authentic derivative media such as posters, social media posts and video products.

Collective and Derivative Media

Unblock provides a platform for a community to contribute via prompted questions (i.e. Collective media). We would then pick and select the most meaningful to use in Derivative media in posters, social media posts and video productions.

Stickers can be found in different locations, promoting passers-by to write on them. They evoke curiousity, spark conversations and lead an audience to the Unblock website. The most influential answers can then be photographed and turned into a poster or social media post.

Social Media

Unblock interacts with audiences through social media forms of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The user is engaged through interactive means in polls, questions, posts and can find the locations of the blocks.

Four sides, digital screens – 2x2x2m

Users navigate to the website for their city’s cube, showing a live feed, to input their opinions. Answers are filtered before displaying on the screen, which fills up with answers throughout the day.



Stickers & Social Media Interaction


Website for interacting with the digital cube + resources


Pamphlet doubles as desktop cube when folded



Elise Prestia
Isabel Clifford
Imogen Scott
Ben Neale


Interested in taking this project further? Contact Dr Gareth Furber at gareth.furber@gmail.com.