Universal Stories

Oliver White | Breeze Millard |
Christopher Filosi | Abdurrahman Mohammadi

Universal Stories (US) is a comprehensive multi-card game pack, designed to combat social isolation and loneliness in migrant populations. The games focus on bringing individuals together, and are specifically designed with the aim of building confidence in participants.

The pack includes three games, each targeting a different area of social hardship migrants may face in relocating. Insight assists with locational knowledge, slang with linguistic hurdles and small talk with conversational and relationship building.

The game pack has been created to be used in existing environments where interpersonal connection takes place, such as, Tafe SA English classes or with facilitation by social workers through organisations such as the Migrant Resource Centre.

The ultimate goal of the game is to foster collaboration and provide a more inclusive and less isolated migrant population.


Insight aims to make players more knowledgeable about their new environment. This memory game helps to inform on cultural landmarks, social services and Indigenous Australian history. Insight aims to build and strengthen the player’s locational confidence in their new home state, making them feel more comfortable, informed and ready to reach out to their new community.



Small Talk

Small Talk is a culturally sensitive group game designed to prompt conversations using open ended questions. The cards encourage thoughtful interaction, active listening and the use of humour to create opportunities for participants to build new relationships in a safe and comfortable environment. Socialising is one of the most important skills language learners have to master, by playing small talk we hope players learn techniques on how to grow their conversation skills by building confidence in speaking to others.



Slang is designed to improve language skills by focusing on teaching migrants about the everyday words we use that are not always taught in the classroom. Many words, which we all use on an everyday basis, can be confusing to understand for new English speakers. Slang aims to help teach about these words and phrases, through an act-it-out style card game. The game gets players guessing definitions of slang terms in a humorous and interactive way. These conversational language skills help improve confidence in players to comfortably speak to others.



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