Verve Magazine

The content of Verve Magazine focuses on mental fitness, specifically within the university environment. It employs a subtle approach to addressing mental ill health and numerous associated precursors, and is structured around the important events of the academic year. In pursuit of inclusivity and wide-spread appeal, much of the magazine’s visual content is directed by contributors on a voluntary basis, and exists as a celebration of personal creativity.

The aim of the publication is to raise awareness and increase both interest in and the accessibility to information addressing the mental wellbeing of students. These resources are delivered in a manner that is not intimidating or overwhelming, but rather subdued and approachable. Negative thinking and Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) are the primary focal points of the project, which are experienced by a large portion of the general population. This is reflected in the cultivation of content and design strategy; exemplified by components such as the first issue cover, which is a visual representation of ANTs. Psychologically healthy activities which constitute greater mental fitness are suggested to the reader, including overcoming procrastination, building a positive internal monologue, experiencing the outdoors, and other acts that foster self-care and positivity.


Blaine Gillan
Daniel Jung
Alicja Kukucz


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