Write On: Therapeutic Letter Writing

Based on therapeutic writing, old-fashioned hand-writing has been incorporated into this ‘all-inclusive’ letter writing kit to reduce the user’s attention away from social media which can have damaging effects on mental health.

Writing therapy uses writing one’s feelings to gradually ease the feelings of emotional trauma.

This letter writing kit is targeted at high school students who may regularly be visiting a counsellor at school to help with anxiety or depression or simply need further help understanding their emotions.

The kit includes the basic letter writing material: paper, pens, etc, as well as prompting questions to guide the thinking or writing around expanding and exploring the emotional range to prevent users from ruminating on a limited range of emotions they are familiar with.

The kit will be given to school counsellors to give to students during sessions, for the students to then take it home and write letters. When the student has their next session, they will bring the letters they have written to discuss with the counsellor. The prompting questions within the kit are designed to be as customisable as possible as the counsellor can choose the questions that will assist the student the most in exploring and understanding their emotions.



This kit focuses on two types of therapeutic writing: positive writing and mindful writing, with aspects of narrative therapy to create an inclusive and broad range of prompting questions to help young adults discuss and understand their emotions in a positive and safe manner. Positive writing can contribute to a more realistic view point of a situation which can be important for defusing a highly emotional situation or event. Mindful writing can be used to bring the individual back to the real world by writing in the present moment, to face the emotions and to fully digest them.



Alix Bell
Connie Francis
Zoe Armstrong


Interested in taking this project further? Contact Dr Gareth Furber at gareth.furber@gmail.com.