2020 Projects being loaded, and the winner is ‘Us’

2020 was a strange year, as you are fully aware.

Despite the challenges, Visualising Mental Health did go ahead and students produced an excellent range of product and program ideas and campaigns.

I have started the process of loading them up on the website – https://www.visualisingmentalhealth.com/projects/

When you visit the link above, you can filter to just those projects from 2020.

Today I just loaded the winning project from 2020, a card game designed to help migrants adjust to Australian culture.

Rather than trying to describe the project in words, here is the team talking about their project.

Stay tuned over the subsequent weeks for more of the 2020 projects as well as news about VMH 2021.

Also: If you are a psychologist working in South Australia, who is interested in working with Communication Design students to develop innovative mental health focused products and prototypes, please get in contact with me – gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au