The very generous people that built this website

I’ve worked on many website-based projects over the years.

In that time I’ve discovered that when you find a good designer or developer, you hold on tightly to them, cause they are a godsend.

Many years back, I found the sister/brother team at Cre8d, with whom I’ve worked with on a number of projects over the last 12 years.

Rachel and Stephen

In that time they’ve built or designed for me:

psychsplash – a website showcasing other psychology websites

2 versions of psychantenna – a psychology news aggregator and RSS feed aggregator

the CPD Workbook itself and the site – professional development recording for psychologists in Australia

the 7 Days of Psychology website – promoting the field of psychology to the general public

A logo for the PHF – an online community of mental health professionals in South Australia

A logo for a now-defunct personal blog

and this site 🙂


Why am I mentioning this?

In 2018, cre8d kindly offered their web-design and development services to build the Visualising Mental Health website for free. It was their show of support for a mental health project at the intersection of design and communication. It was an incredibly generous offer, one that has given the VMH initiative a beautiful home on the web.

This generosity speaks to the kind of people they are, and therefore I want to promote them and their services. Note: they did not ask for this promotion. I offer it freely of my own accord.

I am mindful that many visitors to this site, from design professionals through to private psychological practitioners have web-design and development needs. These run from a simple logo, through to large-scale sites that act as critical communication platforms to clients.

I’m hoping that if you are considering building a website, you consider cre8d as a potential vendor.


What services do they offer?

Cre8d offer a suite of services in the web-design and development space:

Branding – give your site and organisation a unique identity

Design – make your website look good

Custom development – make your website do cool things

Consulting – help you work out what you want your site to do

Support – make sure you know how to use your site

Maintenance – make sure your site keeps ticking along nicely

Search engine optimisation – make sure your site is highly visible


Why use them?

There is a lot of choice in the web design and development space. That is, lots of vendors.

Here are the factors that make me keep coming back to cre8d:

  1. They quote accurately and up-front.
  2. They actively help you develop your ideas for your website, not just blindly build something without consideration.
  3. They use a project management tool (Basecamp) which means you are kept up-to-date on the progress of the project at all stages. You can continue to access this tool after your site has been built to find important reference materials.
  4. They work fast, so even if their hourly rate is higher than others, they get a lot more done in that hour.
  5. Rachel and Stephen take on separate tasks. Rachel guides you through the design process to get a clear picture of how your site looks and operates, and then Stephen brings it to life through a custom WordPress implementation.
  6. They provide comprehensive documentation on how to use your site when it is finished.
  7. They are nice people. This might sound trite, but it genuinely makes a difference when you enjoy the interactions with the people who are building your site.
  8. They build nice stuff – see examples of their work.
  9. They consider all projects from the simplest logo work, to large-scale custom website development.
  10. They build primarily in WordPress, which is an incredibly powerful and popular content management system. This means it is possible to add (using plugins) different functionality to your site. Rachel and Stephen will help you identify the best plugins.


Ok – I’m interested. What next?

Feel free to message me ( if you’d like to chat with me about my web projects and experiences of working with cre8d. I can also help you get a sense of whether your project might be relevant to cre8d or needs something different.

Otherwise, if you have a sense of what you are trying to build, complete cre8d’s online Website Design Survey, which guides you through some key considerations when building a new site