A sneak peak at some of the 2019 projects

Doreen, one of our team members just sent me the poster drafts for the 2019 exhibition.

These are the project summaries that students will display at our annual Visualising Mental Health Exhibition at the Kerry Packer Gallery in the Hawke Centre.

We’re finalising the poster files at the moment, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of some of the projects. More sneak peaks to follow!


Humpty: the great fall

A re-imagining of the original story with themes of mental health, personal battles and overcoming adversity


A tool for the clinical psychologist to help children talk about their feelings

No Shit!

A card game based around the shared frustration at the lack of social etiquette and acts of courtesy


A mobile app focused on helping you establish healthy habits

Monster Me

A digital game for children that teaches them the basic elements of looking after their mental health

How does that feel?

A storybook that teaches children about empathy


A new twist on the University magazine, with a strong focus on wellbeing


Looking forward to being able to post all the projects on the Projects page. Stay tuned.

As usual, if you want to learn more about the project, or get involved, email me on gareth.furber@gmail.com