Emillie Abbott | Melanie Clark | Chin Kai King

sona. has been designed to aid, educate and engage teenagers in years eleven and twelve working to strengthen mental fitness. In our three-step approach using Awareness, Ritual and Education the plan is to entice and interact with our consumers through several mediums. Awareness, Ritual and Education are the areas which will carry our brand’s message of self care within mental fitness.

Awareness is brought through our main design outcome of an autumn clothing line. Ritual through implementation of our daily calendar which will focus on a monthly self-care topic, aily affirmations, and education via a website, Instagram, and brochure. We hope that all the activities created will help teens develop further skills for mental fitness. Our hope is that the awareness through our clothing’s hash tag will, in turn, bring traffic to our social media platforms leading to education about the sona. brand and tips for good, long lasting mental fitness.

sona’s daily calendar with activities and tasks for teenagers is small and portable and will help develop good mental fitness habits for self-care. We hope that our design strategies and outcomes will allow teenagers to incorporate self-care techniques into their daily lives achieving positive mental fitness throughout their schooling life and into adulthood.


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