Tom in the Jungle

App Features

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have delays in their Theory of Mind (TOM) development from an early age.

Our app focuses on children from 4 years of age when TOM skills often begin developing. We aim to assist this skill through enjoyable games. Developing these skills can help improve quality of life and social skills.

Parental Controls

This app also offers a parental controls option to track your child’s progress and compare this to other children using the app, to see their development as the game goes on and how to work with your children to help this further.

Based on your child’s progress we provide conversation prompts in this section, also giving games and activities to do with your child outside of the app, helping both of you learn and develop together.

We provide all the information about why the app is helpful towards your child’s development and how each game helps an aspect of TOM we’ve outlined. This section also provides parents with the basic information about Theory of Mind. By creating an account, this helps protect your information, keeping track of prompts that you find successful or not, for the best recommendations possible.


Tabitha Lawless
Adele Pittendregh
Ally Clayden-Rose
Courtney Iremonger


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