I’m finally loading up the 2019 projects!

I am a slack bastard!

Since the successful forum and exhibition, I have been sitting on the 2019 student project files and haven’t loaded them up to the site. I have no excuses. Those nights I was slouched in front of the TV, I could have been loading them up.

But I finally kicked my own butt.

Today I’ve started putting up the 2019 projects with more to come in the coming weeks. My goal is to have them all up on the site before 2019 finishes and we start thinking about Visualising Mental Health 2020.

As I load them up, I’ll do a little bit of commentary on the projects that have captured my eye, the projects that won awards, the coverage of the project elsewhere and anything else I think is important.

Of the few that I loaded up today, Social Graces was the one that got me thinking the most.

The team that produced Social Graces did what a couple of projects did this year, which was to visualise what an Instagram account would look like, if its goal was the improvement of the health, wellbeing and behaviour of its followers.

Social Graces unpicks the interactions of everyday life, with the goal of encouraging followers to be more courteous, polite and respectful. I particularly liked their colour palette and use of text in their Instagram posts. Their posts are like little brief meditations on how to be a better person.

In terms of sheer sophistication of design, the team that put together Verve, a magazine for university students focused on mental wellbeing, hit it out of the park. Beautiful stuff.

Right – back to loading up some more projects 🙂