We’re still here – promise!!

I last posted in 2021 with an update on the topic that students in 2021 were working on.

I’ve been very quiet since.

But Visualising Mental Health is going strong and we’re still around.

The students for 2022 are finishing up their projects as we speak. I believe us psychologists will be getting a sneak peak at the best ones in the coming weeks.

The team at Cre8d helped me fix up a bunch of issues with the website and simplify it overall.

We also have exciting news that we had an academic paper accepted for publication that I’ll be able to share here soon that tells the history of VMH, outlines the process in detail and showcases some of the best projects over the years.

My main goal at the moment is posting the best projects from 2021, so that when the 2022 projects arrive, I can get to those as well.

A few are up already. One of my personal favourites and one that made it into the publication is Character Ties – a hands-on activity for school children combining art and psychology to create wearables that capture a child’s strengths and personal development goals. Very cool.

Please continue to browse through our projects and if any take your fancy, please get in contact to discuss them further.

Also, if you work in a mental health focused organisation and would like to discuss proposing a topic for future student cohorts, also get in touch.

Take care of yourselves.