Designed to make a difference

Visualising Mental Health (VMH) is a collaboration between psychologist Dr Gareth Furber and Match Studio and Communication Design lecturers at the University of South Australia.

We give 3rd Year Communication Design Students mental health and psychology-themed topics and get them to imagine novel products, services, campaigns and events built around those topics. The goal is to re-imagine how we embed conversations around mental health into the broader community and even clinical practice.

Student projects are then exhibited during Mental Health Month (October) at the Kerry Packer Gallery.

This website is an archive of selected student projects, stretching back to 2016. You can browse or search via topic. Archives include the materials created by those groups including posters, presentations, video pitches and social media tiles. Depending on the year of the project, different archive materials are available.

If you are a mental health organisation interested in teaming up to create topics for the students to tackle or to help us develop one of the projects you’ve seen below, contact Dr Gareth Furber at